KIIS FM Wango Tango Event

photos via getty/wire

shoes: soulstruck wilma, shorts: lazy boens vintage (on sale now), shirt: vintage, chocker: diy, turban: urban

Yesterday was the famous KISS FM Wango Tango event in Los Angeles. It was my third year attending. I can’t help it, my inner teeny-bopper loves this stuff. We arrived to the carpet the same time as Ke$ha whose face was painted with gold glitter. While waiting in the wings to go check out some of the concert the girl in the flower dress was shooting me some nasty looks with her mouth moving, I think its safe to say she wasn’t complimenting my look and was pretty bothered that I was there. My friend told me she is on some Disney show…. I’m not sure why I find that amusing, but I do.

Before leaving we saw JC from Nsync… now you have to understand. A good portion of my early teen years was overtaken by the millenium boyband invasion. My bedroom was covered with NSYNC posters to the point of embarrassment. I use to dream of the day where I would be a few feet away from the members of NSYNC. When it happened instead of fainting or peeing my pants, as I imagined 10 years ago… all I could think about was how hungry I was and if they had any pizza left backstage…