Kellan Lutz Turns Down Britney Spears, Doesn’t ‘Wanna Go’

Is Kellan Lutz mad?? Maybe. The Twilight hunk was reportedly approached by Britney Spears at her charity dinner a few weeks ago, asking him to star in her new video for her third single “I Wanna Go.” He politely declined her offer, reports E! Online.

Had he gone through with it, Kellan would have played Brit’s boy-toy in the video, rescuing her from the pesky paparazzi before locking lips with her in the backseat. And then he’d turn into a robot. Wonder why he declined that opportunity!

No word on who eventually got the part, but sources reveal that actor Matthew McConaughey was also approached.

Britney started filming the video a couple of days ago.

Who do you think should be Brit’s co-star for her “I Wanna Go” video?