Hysteric Glamour

jacket: grandmothers, shirt: tokyolux, hat: studio’s, rings: collected over the years, necklace: vintage

photo: jerry bennet/ makeup: lisa nocera

One of my favorite east coast photographer’s Jerry Bennet shot this! Sometimes I like to channel my inner glam rock 70s self. Waving irons & white eyeliner… what’s not to love?

Today im doing the LAST pre-production for Coco & Tokyolux…crossing my fingers everything goes as planned. If I have time to go to my fitting tonight for Young Hollywood Awards I will post a poll and let you guys vote and help me pick what to wear!

P.S I saw the new Joseph Gordon Levitt movie last night Hersher… It may be one of my new favorite films, such an amazing story in black humor. Go see this!