Getting Results: F is for Fear

The letter F was/the letter for last week’s task/Fear was then chosen

Let us take a look/Let’s take a peek at your pics/Let’s conquer our fears

Scorpion lunch guest/uninvited arachnid/DesertPhreak took this here pic

From bugs to bridges/From big to small we now go/UncleLou fears this

Driving is no fun/Especially for Mrs. Dawn/Driving is her fear

I first thought this pic/was about a fear of pools/Violet fears heights

This pic makes me sad/Red says she fears being alone/for this I shed tears

Train tracks again here/Meghan has nightmares of them/Be careful out there!

Kokodril is sad/His friend is passing/stay strong there buddy

Jane has many fears/She’s strong cuz she faces them/She is a trooper

Please join BizarreLand/Join her as she adventures/Read her stories also

Candle fears rodents/She’s dealt with infestations/but now they are pets

Chaka fears nothing/He’s too busy being bad ass/he is the bravest

I took this photo/at a favorite diner/but its closing soon

I fear change sometimes/but its how the world evolves/so I embrace it

I hope you enjoyed/my sad attempts at haikus/Go conquer your fears