Getting Results: D is for Delicious

Last week, were on the letter “D.” That meant that I tossed a few words around like “decay” and well, mostly that’s all I can think of because I am goth. JKz. I do, however, say the word “delishuz” a lot so I thought an assignment based on things you deemed delicious would be rad.

So here you have it. Here are all the heart attack photos that you have contributed to our little project!

Peanut Butter covered brownie by Meghan93. Uhhh.. My heart just stopped.

These were left in a gazeebo by the freund of JaneBecameInsane.

Attack of the 50 Foot Lemon Nom Cake – Annier

Annier also gave us another treat to drool over – Chocolate Cake!

Mimi K baked some cupcakes! They are sprinkled with rainbows!

This tasty treat is from xBiax. It was a chocolate cake that was baked in time for Easter 🙂

This is from MimiTown. The last train to Yogur-ville made a stop at Fr00t L00ps and stuff.

Look at this GLORIOUS PIZZA. LOOK AT IT. Tis from BizarreLand.

This is from Andiesh. I thought it was funny.

I was told by Reverie3 that these nomz were vegan (because they are lol)

OOO I almost forgot this OTHER post of Pierogies by BizarreLand. What is even exploding in that photo? WHAT?

All these good foods by all your good friends. Stay tuned for next weeks challenge!