Flashback Friday – My So Called Life

i love flashback fridays!

Reblogged from thevoide This weeks Flashback Friday post is perhaps the most ‘Voide’ appropriate to date. Angela Chase of My So Called Life had some serious existential musings, I mean the title of the show itself implied that she questioned the very meaning of her existence.

This show will go down in history as one of the “critically-acclaimed but ratings-starved” programs that leaves its following devastated when it is ultimately cancelled (a la Arrested Development). But here at The Voide the legacy left by the alt-grunge styles on the show are enough to fill my void (for now).

Bringin Back the Lace Vest

Love you Ange, but I’m not sure what you were thinking with this look

Rayanne – because everyone needs a bad influence in high school

Angela Gets Goth (kinda)

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