Exclusive Interview: Bebe Rexha of Black Cards Talks Photobombing Pete Wentz, How Gwen Stefani Is Her Style Inspiration, More

A couple months ago Buzznet had the opportunity to chat with Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz about his current musical endeavor, Black Cards. When The Bamboozle came through Jersey this past weekend, we had the chance to chat with the drop-dead gorgeous vocalist Bebe Rexha!

We had to ask Bebe about her distinct style; she said she loves the 1920’s, street style, Gwen Stefani and Stephanie Paterek–designer of NYC Sex Trash–who works with Lady Gaga and Taylor Momsen.

For those of you who are only interested in getting a picture with Pete–beware, you’ll probably get photobombed by the other band members. “We know that the next day that photo will be on their facebook by default, so we make sure we’re all in the photo. That’s our main goal. I try to photobomb as much as possible.”

Bebe said Bamboozle was the biggest crowd Black Cards had played for so far. While on stage that day, the band confirmed that their debut album would drop on 8/30/11 and would be titled Hey Stranger. Shortly after that announcement came the news that they’d be touring with Panic! at the Disco and Neon Trees.

What a summer it’ll be, eh?

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Special thanks to Becca Green for making this interview happen!