Dedicated to you!

I decided to write this blog inspiring about one of the last blog of my friend Kat, I always tried to don’t copy the others so this blog is dedicated to the people I inspire me most and overall who have been able to give me something of precious to keep inside my heart and feel them part of my family.

Britney Spears

I said a lot of things about her during those 13 years, sometimes I repeated the same stuff more than a million of times but I always love to talk about her and overall I defend her till the world ends (and with this I quote one of her last songs xp) because she’s simply a human being just like us.

I can say I grow up with Britney, we grow up together and we learnt a lot of things.

Britney makes me love a lot of things, especially dance and gymnastic. Just an year before to know her, I started my first year at gymnastic and then I loved it more than ever because we usually do lesson or exhibition at the end of the year with her songs, I remember we do an exhibition on …Baby One More Time and Crazy and I was totally excited about it!

Britney is the sister I never had and she is special for me that I can’t describe my love for her with all the words of the world. She’s one of the best things happened to me and since 1998 she gives me a lot of emotions, every day, when I listen her songs and dance on them, I feel near to her and every time I watch her performances or a video about her or read her news and see her pictures I’m so happy and if she is happy, I’m happy too!

Bad periods are part of own life and I haven’t a lot of memories of that period, in 2007, not because I don’t remember but because I was really worried for her and I couldn’t do nothing for her because we are so far: I could just to pray and to be 24h on the web for to know something new.

Britney is one of the reasons I wake up in the morning and I hope one day to can meet her and just thank her for what she did in all this time!

Bill Kaulitz

Bill is my oxygen, without him I can’t live! I’ve always believed in true love and in soulmates. He’s mine! In a moment of my life where I was tired to be refused and misunderstood, I decided to don’t search my soulmate anymore, but only my soulmate had to search me, and this is happened. On summer 2007, just like a monsoon, Bill came in my life and shook me. I was freeze, really I didn’t speak in those long 4 minutes where he was singing “Monsoon” and I understood he was mine!

He made me become the person I always desired to be, he made me understand what means love and he’s pure love! His soul is so deep and he’s the cutest boy I even knew in my whole life and our love was written in the destiny, I know it!

I fought a lot for him, and I’m continuing to do it! I cried and I laughed for him, I keep in my heart all our moments, bad and good ones, because talk about us!

Last summer I had the occasion to can stay with him: can look him in the eyes and leave our hearts talk for us and there I understood that he finally found me! I could to see through his eyes and through his smile, one of the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life: so pure and delicate.

We have a really special link and I think this is not a thing everybody has: and this is makes our love more strong than ever!

There’s been bad moments in my life where I thought really bad things but he was always with me and he saved me with his love! I’m debt with him, for life!

And doesn’t matter how much time I will spend for him, for to search him, even if I could to stay with him only for my last day of my life, would be the best ever and I spent it with the person I love!

Tom Kaulitz

Tom is the brother I never had, when I saw him for the first time I felt something inside, something of good and of familiar: because he’s the portrait of my imaginary brother, and I couldn’t believe he existed, that he was real and had a name!

His smile is one of his most beautiful things, so bright and true. Thank to his smile and his jokes he’s always been able to make me smile even when everything seemed lost and dark for me.

The fact he wants to be the bad boy and the womanizer, inside he’s one of the sweetest boys ever and I can see it through his eyes and he has such a great heart and he’s a boy who really loves people around him and wouldn’t hurt them ever.

He’s really fragile inside and he needs to trust a lot of the others before to be himself, this is the fact he is in this way and not all the people understand it.

That fragility is one of the things I have in common with him and he taught me to don’t be upset ever and always find the dare to fight and win own battles.

Georg Listing

He’s the best friend I would to advice to everyone! He’s such a big heart, he’s amazing, he’s funny and he’s a great listener! I really envy Bill, Tom and Gustav for have him as friend! Find a good friend now it’s so hard and there aren’t a lot of people like him in the world.

Even though I never met him yet, I feel all these things for him! He gave me the strength to go on and if I have a bad moment, can I count on him and on the music of the band that is able to makes me feel free and when I listen it I don’t think to nothing.

Gustav Schäfer

Thank to his energy, Gustav made me a charge more and he pushed me to don’t let me go ever and to always give the best of me!

I feel his energy every time I go at a concert of the band or when I listen the albums: he becomes an only one things with his drum and it beats with my heart!

Inside his shyness and his reserve, there’s an amazing boy: a boy who arrives straight to his aim and so dogged! I think this is one of the things I appreciate most of him!

Audrey Kitching

In the period of my life where I started to change myself and finally become who I always wanted to be, arrived Audrey with her style and her strength! I think she’s one of the smartest persons in the world and she taught me to be myself and doesn’t matter if your hair is pink or you have a point of view completely different to the others, what you can’t buy is your style and this is what you are and you can change it!

I know how much she works and how much she loves what she does and she is an example for all that people haven’t an aim in own life and for all the people thinks the life is easy and if you are cute you can go everywhere, and this is so wrong because the beauty is not only outside us but it’s overall inside us!

She is the perfect example of a not easy life and the strength she has inside is something of indescribable, I would to have only half of her strength.

I would so much can meet her of person, one day, this is one of my deepest dream, can say her how much important she has been and she is in my life and thank her for all the advices she gave me

Hanna Beth

With her sweetness she makes me feel happy and better in every moment. I never thought to know her and to talk to her almost every day, share stuff and emotions and part of my life with her. I feel her as a friend even though I never met her but I know she’s a pure soul and her heart is so huge and a lot of people loves her as her family and her closest friends! She’s true and there’s no lie in her! She works really hard and she is a girl who wants to be herself and enjoys with her friends and I really envy her for what she does and for her meetings with friends. I have no one here in my city and it’s so sad couldn’t go out with friends, go to shopping and have fun and to be glad only a couple of times during the year to see the other friends I have around the Italy and maybe hope to can see the others in the rest of the world really soon.

She taught me that the simplicity is the key of the life and you haven’t to trust to the people but only of yourself and to be proud for what you do every day.

David Bowie

David Bowie is not a simple man, but he is also a many sided artist, a singer, an actor, a songwriter, a musician, a composer, a fashion icon, a husband, a father, an endless myth, my myth!

Since I was really really young I listened his songs and I completely fell in love with LABYRINTH, I watched a lot of times and it’s one of my fav movies ever! When I was a baby girl, I dreamt to be Sarah and can be stay with King Jareth and not defeat him as Sarah did 😉

I’ve been fascinated by him, there’s a sorta of charm in him and not every man has, and for me he’s one of the most sexiest men alive, even though today he is 64 years old!

In every era he knew catch the right music essence and to be always in step with the times, for me it’s really hard chose an only one song about him, every song is full of emotions, mistery, love…

I feel him has a father or a dear friend, someone who can trust and with which have great conversations about a lot of different arguments. And I think to him also a teacher, a teacher of life overall!

My only wish is could see him one time in my life in a concert, I hope in a his come back soon, music misses him and I miss him too!!!

Michael Jackson

Last, but definitely not least: Michael Jackson. What can I say about MJ?!? I think when you say Michael Jackson you already said all! I grow up with his music and I always thought he was an angel, and too much important for to stay here in this world, a ruined world, a world he always wanted to build again and save from cruelty.

The heart of Michael Jackson was like the universe: immense! Never seen no one with a big heart as him!

I usually talk to him in present and not in past, because he’s always beside us and he will never abandon us, his part of us and I think everyone of us has a little good memory of him!

Music has always been one of the tools for to talk to the people and he tried to talk to us with his music, he tried to talk about what it’s better for us and for the world, he only wanted to donate his love to everyone!

He was so strong but at the same time so fragile, but I learnt to him that life is precious and you must love all the people around you and don’t have prejudices, because everyone of us are God’s sons and we are all the same, we are all human beings.