The Evolution of Davey Havok

You guys, AFI is my favorite band of all time.

My obsession is best explained as a teenage phase that never ended…for the past six years. After countless hours on the official AFI messageboard, $30 in fan club dues (excuse me, Despair Faction), nine live shows in six cities, supporting band members’ obscure side projects and clothing lines, two tattoos devoted to the band, and collecting every b-side, foreign edition, and demo they have ever released, i can say without any doubt that I am one of their biggest fans. I am the person who waits in line outside the venue, huddled with other DFers, for seven hours just to make sure we get good spots at the barricade. I skip a week of classes to stay home in California to see them perform at the historic venue they reference in their 2000 song “Days of the Phoenix”. I hop a bus with my roommate to make a quick six-hour trip to New York just to see frontman Davey Havok perform in Green Day’s American Idiot.

It all seems crazy to some people (read: my mom), but for anyone who loves a band as much as I love AFI, it all makes sense. And I’ll admit: for any other band, this would seem crazy even to me. But for AFI, I’ll do it.

Davey is one of the only two remaining original members in the band’s lineup, sticking with AFI from their punk rock roots to their blossoming sound as a contemporary rock band. Just as the band’s sound has evolved over their eight-album career, so has Davey’s style (and hair).

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