Could Gabe Saporta’s ‘Spiritual Detox’ Be Just What Cobra Starship Needed?

Long-time fans of Cobra Starship will remember that, originally, the story behind the founding of the band had a…um…spiritual angle to it. If you could call it that. In the beginning, the story of Gabe Saporta’s inspiration to start the pop/dance project was an encounter in the desert, involving spaceships, a cobra and the end of the world.

Saporta moved away from that story in recent years, and in fact as of the band’s third album, Hot Mess, fans pointed out that the Cobra wasn’t even mentioned on the band’s website anymore. Interestingly enough, Hot Mess was also the album that, while giving the band mainstream success with the song “Good Girls Go Bad,” also left old school Cobra devotees feeling…well, less than enthused.

So, with the announcement of Cobra’s fourth album, Night Shades, and the leak of the first songs from the album, “Don’t Blame The World, It’s The DJ’s Fault” and “You Make Me Feel,” Cobra fans new and old are wondering what we can expect from Cobra Starship this time around.

In an interview with Alternative Press, Gabe has said the album “definitely has something for everyone.” But does that include Cobra fans who have long awaited the spiritual revival of the band?


Gabe says that during the writing process he felt like a lot of the songs were feeling “uninspired.” So, he decided to take a 10 day trip to Brazil where he survived on nothing but rice and soul searching. “I went on this, like, pretty crazy…I don’t know if you call it a retreat, but I lived in a little house in the forest in Brazil, and all I ate was rice for 10 days. It was pretty cool. I had so little energy that I couldn’t even cook the rice myself; this dude was taking care of me and would come once a day just to cook me rice.” Gabe was also under the care of “doctors from small villages in the Amazon.”

While there were no reports of once again “seeing the Cobra,” Gabe says he returned to the recording with a renewed sense of focus, saying he felt “rejuvinated.” Hopefully, we can expect the same from the music on Night Shades.

Are you guys excited for the new album?