Charmed Again [FF] – 1X01 “Charmed Ones Again” CHAPTER TWO

I know it’s passed a lot of time after the first chapter, I would to apologize with everyone, but as you know, uni rends me really busy and I have a lot of free time for to translate this story (because I have written in Italian, my mother tongue) but I promise I will dedicate more time to this fan fiction and I will share it with all of you.

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1×01 – Charmed Ones Again – CHAPTER TWO

“Wyatt!!” but Chris calls him without answer.

Chris and Prudence are in the attic, the girl is babbling with the crystal.

“What do you think to do with that?” asks Chris.

“Maybe to search Wyatt? Mum said me that I can!” answers Prudence.

“Give it to me!” and he takes away from Prudence’s hands the crystal.


“We needn’t the crystal, we already know where he is! In the underworld, we’ll go there!”

“Instead he isn’t there, leave me search!” and she regains the crystal and continues to search Wyatt. The crystal stops on Golden Gate Bridge “I told you so!”

“Would you to say that are you empathic?”

“Maybe” Prudence smiles “C’mon, let’s go!” and they orb.

Wyatt is on the Golden Gate Bridge and he’s a thoughtful face, Chris and Prudence orb there.

“What are you doing here?” asks Wyatt.

“I found you with the crystal!” answers Prudence.

“We came for will take you home” exclaims Chris giving a dirty look to Prudence.

“Shouldn’t be the contrary? I’m the older, right? I should take you home when you make a mess!”

“This time will be the contrary!” replies Prudence.

“Ah Prudence, you are just like aunt Prue!” exclaims Wyatt.

“How do you know I’m just like her if you never knew her? Anyone of us did it!” continues Prudence.

“I know it and enough! Mum said it to me. Anyway, if she was alive, I would have asked to learn astral projection”

“Stop it to talk about aunt Prue, Wyatt!” bursts out Chris.


“Want we to come back home?” asks Prudence.

“If you insist…” and all three orb at home.

At P3

Piper goes down the stairs running and goes toward Charlie, her assistant.

“Thanks Charlie for have replaced with me, but you know, to be a mother is a hard work, even though your sons have 20 years!” exclaims Piper entering inside P3.

“No problem! It’s just arrived the music director of the band” answers Charlie.

“Will Murder” introduces the man.

“Piper Halliwell”

“Yeah… yeah… I know! Otherwise I didn’t chose your club!” says Will Murder.

“Well… how you can see here there is the stage where the band can performs, there there’s the dressing rooms. Lights have been controlled last week, the same for the sound ones. It’s all in order!” explains Piper.

“Really good. I always knew to can count on a nightclub like this one. V-Band are doing the sound check at 9pm” says Murder.

“Oh, perfect! P3 opening at 11:30pm and they performing around 1am. This is the schedule I usually follow”

“Great, I will advice the guys. See you tonight”

“Goodbye and I hope the band will be ok here” and Piper greets Will Murder.

“Follow me” exclaims Charlie.

When they go up the stair for to exit to the nightclub, from the nowhere appear a demon and Piper is ready to freeze him but he moves aside

“Why do you come until here? Uff!” exclaims Piper.

The woman tries to throw a chair but the demon burns it,

“Ok, ok. Stop for a moment!” says Piper.

The demon stops.

“It’s not admitted demoniac activity inside my house or in my nightclub, ok?” and then she wants to blow up the demon but she freezes him with the ice “What the hell?!?!” and with another hand act she blows up him “Hey, I have a new power!”

Charlie goes down and sees the club full of smoke and a little bit mess.

“What happened?” asks him.

“Ehm… nothing!” answers Piper and with the hand remove the smoke on her face.