carrot top stole my glitter – vegas update

i just crawled into bed after a 5 hour drive back from vegas.. seriously, it feels AMAZING to be home.. vegas really takes the life out of you.. non stop partying & chaos.. so much red bull, glitter & random encounters.. ivey & i were on the hunt for carrot top but never seemed to find him.. Brutal!! i have tons of photos on the way. we did an amazing sober is sexy vegas road trip shoot.. i have never heard so much house music in my life! everyone is shirtless & fist pumping!! he he. last night jeffree, ivey and i saw lmfao perform at marquee & then ended the night with dj chuckie at x’s. all i wanted was an elvis wedding.. maybe next time? HA i must pass out now since i have to be at court by 130 for the most bogus ticket ever.. hope everyone had an amazing memorial day weekend!!

how did you celebrate the long weekend? xoxo