The Cab Post a Studio Update: Officially Tracking!

So, remember LAST YEAR when we were supposed to get a new album from The Cab? And how that didn’t happen?

So now fans are wondering when Alex, Alex and Alex will be giving us some new Justin Timberlake meets Blink-182 jams. And now they’ve been kind enough to post a short video update to let us know that they are currently tracking songs.

When they’re not at the strip club.

Lead singer Alex “Singer” DeLeon also shared some info on Twitter about the album’s sound:

so our album goes from a throwback song, to a heavy rock song, to a piano ballad, to a song just orchestra and vocals, to a funk song. damn.

the fact that we have two motown-type songs on our new record makes me a very very happy boy.

Still chomping at the bit for some new tunes from these guys? Oh, and have you headed over HERE to win Alex Marshall’s “IF” interview?