C is For Cookie: 5 Life Lessons Cookie Monster Has Taught

If Sesame Street resident Cookie Monster were human, he’d be 42 years old today. Yes, that’s right: it’s Cookie Monster’s birthday today!


Cookie Monster’s biggest hit was his song “C is For Cookie,” which was featured on the hit children’s show Sesame Street. Most people discount Cookie Monster as just a monster who L-O-V-E-S his cookies a little too much – and that’s it. But what people fail to point out is that Cookie Monster is actually a smart cookie (pun intended) and has indeed taught some pretty valuable life lessons.

Who knew?

Here are 5 valuable life lessons from the wise Cookie Monster:

1. Romance is not dead.

2. Technology may be confusing, but everyone should embrace it.

3. Pure happiness can come from the simplest of things.

4. Real love is sometimes giving up what you love.

5. You should never go to bed hungry.

Just call him a regular Yoda – granted, a cookie-loving Yoda. You can’t deny that those are some wise words of wisdom that everyone should know!

What are your favorite Cookie Monster life lessons?