Buzznet Originals: GummiBearsss1

GummiBears1 has been suggested by many people so today, we now welcome her as a Buzznet Original. A lot of what I want to say about her photos have already been said in her Featured 365 Day Project write up but there is still a few more things to say. I’ll be brief.

Mostly, Brianna is one of the nicest people on Buzznet. She loves taking photographs of everything around her and she always takes the time comment back if you comment on one of her photos. Her photos are alive and full of color and they make us all feel like there is something good in the world, like ice cream:

Day 57: Oreo Brownie Earthquake

She has a TON of flower photos:

Day 55: Teardrop on the Flower

There are even cats just taking naps on her page:

Day 54: Dreaming

Take a look at how soft this photo is:

Inside the Church, from her Favorite 2010 Photos Post

Here’s to many more photos from this wonderful photographer. As you can see, she can take a wide assortment of photos and they are all beautiful.

Thanks, Brianna, for sharing your life and unique view of the world with us here on Buzznet!