Buzznet Original: Mister Maxwell

Sometimes it boggles my brain when I click on certain profiles and I see that the people I am checking out aren’t already Buzznet Originals. It’s also a good thing because well, then I have something to write about.

I was looking at Mister Maxwell and his 365 Day Project photos today and my first thougt was, “He’s already an OG. Who am I gonna write about today?” Turns out that he isn’t and not it is time to bestow the OG badge upon him.

Here’s why:

Day 1: Hustle & Bustle

Day 3: Wink

Day 130: Fail

Day 21: Thank You

We should probably be the people thanking Mister Maxwell for bringing his talents to Buzznet. His photos are unique. Not only are they composed really well, he always has interesting things to say about his shots. He also seems very cheery and we like that.

Here’s to you Mister Maxwell, our new Buzznet Original!