Buzzent Designer to Watch: Onch Movement

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Buzznet is basically a breeding ground for the next Karl Lagerfelds and Vivienne Westwoods of the world. We have SO many talented fashion designers doing creative and amazing things, and this week we want to highlight some of them and their work through interviews and photos. Here are our Buzznet Designers to Watch…

Onch Movement is most well known for being the best BBF a socialite could have, but he’s also on the forefront of cute fashion jewelry! From his famous pretzel necklaces to his over-the-top ice cream statement jewelry, Onch is sure to have something sugary enough for your fashion sweet tooth! So get ready to shine and sparkle with Onch Movement’s delightful fashion treats!

BUZZNET: Describe your own personal style in 10 words or less.

Onch Movement: Fun, Colorful, Funky, Wacky, Weird, Random, Edgy.

BN:What are some of your fashion must haves? What is something you can’t live without?

OM: My Jewelry! it represents who I am, and what i am feeling that day! 😉

BN:Who are your favorite fashion icons?

OM: Kate Moss, Lady GaGa, Beth Ditto, Paris Hilton, Barbie and Hello Kitty!

BN:Describe your jewelry line in 10 words or less.

OM: My jewelry line is very much like me…. Fun Wacky Weird innovative with a touch of edge. Thats Onch Movement! check it out on

BN:Where do you find your inspiration?

OM: I am hugely inspired by pop culture and people in Hollywood!

BN:Tell us about your all-time favorite piece you have created and why it’s your absolute favorite.

OM: I LOVE all of my creations! but my faves are the Lollipops, Pretzels, Razors, Rainbow Scoop Cone and Candy Dot necklace. Those are my GO TO pieces when I am getting ready 😉 they match EVERYTHING. It’s magical!

BN:What are your plans for the future? Upcoming projects? Collaborations?

OM: I plan on keep designing and creating fun innovative goodies! More is better!! After the huge success of my ” Eat It All” Launch at Petro Zillia Boutique, I am already planning my new huge event! I will make sure Buzznet gets a VIP invite 😉

BN: Where can we find (and buy!) your work?







Onch Movement on Buzznet

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