Betty Rocker’s Guide To Warped Tour Cookery With So Long Arletta

Virginia natives So Long Arletta take over the kitchen to show you how to cook a vegetarian portobello cheese steak:

Vegetarian Portobello Cheese Steak By So Long Arletta

2-3 teaspoons of olive oil ½ an onion

1 bowl of Portobello mushrooms

1 whole sliced pepper

2 tablespoons of oregano

½ cup vegetable broth

¼ cup soy sauce

2 slices of provolone cheese

2 tablespoons flour

Whole wheat bun

1. Slice peppers and heat pan with 2-3 teaspoons of olive oil.

2. Add bowl of Portobello mushrooms to heated pan and add sliced peppers.

3. Add 2 tablespoons of oregano and sprinkle black pepper over the vegetables and stir.

4. After veggies are cooked take the 2 tablespoons of flour and pour over vegetables.

5. Add ½ cup vegetable broth to pan and pour in ¼ cup soy sauce.

6. Coat vegetables with 2 slices of provolone cheese.

7. Serve into bun and enjoy!

So hey, who’s hungry?

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