What’s In My Bag: Cave Woman Style

photos: nat sin

bag: retrospect, wallet: urban, aura spray, diy earrings, 70s sunnies, pocket tarot cards, nixion pin, purple occ lip tar, diy rock ring, rocky horror pin, marc jacobs ring, japanese metallic lighter, stone keychain, barbie planner

I recently lost the pink stone keychain and I’m slightly upset about it. I think it fell off my purse in the airport the other day. My love for all things bones mixed with crimping irons will never fade. I blame it on Mademoiselle Yulia and her awesomeness. Currently craving some Thai ice tea and coconut rice.

It’s nice to be back home in LA but I have been pretty non-stop since I landed! Today im filming a house tour and tonight is the Music Saves Lives event in Hollywood. I should be posting my first episode of my web dairy this week, so keep your eyes peeled! A lot of pretty amazing opportunities are popping up for me… I owe it all too astrology. Starting in June Leo’s are supposed to have their best 12 months in career sector ever. With that being said, bring it on universe!