Ambitious Promotionals Ideas Inspired by Lady Gaga and FarmVille

Lady Gaga is premiering a track from her upcoming album, Born This Way, on FARMVILLE. You know, that annoying facebook game?

Will it reach the masses? Yes. Is it a creative idea? Yes. Will it make me more forgiving of “crop” updates in my Facebook feed? No.

I guess musicians HAVE to get creative to stand out and get people to listen to them. For those who aren’t so much think-outside-the-box types, I’ve jotted down some SPECIAL. promotional/premiere ideas.

  • Jack Johnson streams a new track via CONCH SHELL
  • 30 Seconds to Mars premiere video via BAT SIGNAL
  • Black Cards album will be streaming all day in your local Petco. Adopt a kitten and get the album for free!
  • Simple Plan album art reveal by piecing together the insides of starburst wrappers.
  • My Chemical Romance to stream unreleased Danger Days tracks via telepathy. Fans will be required to train their telepathic abilities via finding clues hidden on MCR’s website.

No, it is not my job to work out logisitics–I’m just the idea person here!

Can you think of any, uh, aspirational promo ideas? Let your imagination RUN WILD.