Alphabet Assignment: G is for Green

I was trying to think of all the awesome words that start with the letter “G” but mostly there is only one that I can think of and it seemed somewhat difficult to do as a photo project. That word was “ghosts.” Plus, since it is no where near Halloween, it’s not very timely. We are, however, very much in the midsts of Spring so the word “green” is all being awesome right now.

Some notes about green the color:

  • It’s the color of the Heart Chakra
  • It’s the color of Kermit
  • America dollars are usually green
  • Green means nature and stuff
  • Green means go in America street lights

BizarreLand has cats that will last forever.

Aly needs a lawnmower.

AngryLambie has a geisha in le green garden.

This week, the assignment is all about capturing something GREEN. You can write about something that made you green with envy or you can paint/draw something in shades of green. You can take a photo of ANYTHING just make sure there’s something green in it. Simple, y/y?

So there you have it folks. You have until next Tuesday, May 31. Party. Let’s green up Buzznet!