Alphabet Assignment: F Is For ____.

Let us think of all the fun words that start with the letter “F.” Actually, maybe we shouldn’t because you know, F words are weird. Instead, I will like to just tell you about this one place where we talked about this thing and mostly that’s where this assignment came from – The Idea Forum.

If you have any magical ideas for assignment and junk, you should mostly go in there and tell us what your thoughts are, mostly.

Ok so in that forum thing, this one dude was all like, “So I think we should do this one thing or something” and then I was all like, “Oh that sounds like a pretty good idea.”

That one dude is called ChakaLive and that one idea is as follows: Since the word “FEAR” starts with the letter F, that is what we will do this week. Take a photo of something you fear. Draw something you fear. Write about your fears. Something. You get the idea, right?

I have a fear of heights. I hate them. As I hung over the edge of the Buzznet building, my heart pretty much was beating like a million times a second. I can’t even see people scaling high things on TV or my hands get all gross and sweaty. I don’t like having this fear so I will force myself to go to the edges of things and look off until I calm down.

So now it is time for you to capture, blog, draw, etc. You has until next Thursday. Partay.

What is your fear?