ALBUM EQUATION: Foster the People’s ‘Torches’ Sounds Like My Entire Summer Schedule

Foster the People’s long anticipated album Torches is FINALLY being released on May 24th, but I’ve been jamming to it all day via its listening party on AOL. And trust me, the CD itself is a total party! It’s so good, I’ve totally stopped listening to the Jonas Brothers and have the album on repeat!! All of Torches completely lives up to it’s catchy single “Pumped Up Kicks” which has been receiving major air play on stations like KROQ. But let me make it simple…here’s my Torches album equation:

Summer/the beach/vacation/ect. This is the perfect summer CD!

Rocking out on long drives with your friends…

Southern California. Okay so, maybe not all So Cal residents would agree, but I’ve lived in New York up until recently and this CD gives that total Cali vibe…

Foster the People’s Torches! Pick it up May 24th or listen to the online stream now!

What do you think of the CD? Did it live up to your expectations?