10 Things Lindsay Lohan Won’t Be Able to During House Arrest

Today marks the begining of Lindsay Lohan’s four-month maximum sentence of house arrest for pleading “no contest” to stealing a $2,500 necklace.

Lindsay turned herself in to the police this morning at 5:02am, according to People Magazine, to start serving her time at home.

While on house arrest, Lohan will be pretty much confined to her residence without being able to go out or do much.

In fact, here is a list of 10 things Lindsay Lohan won’t be able to do while on house arrest:

1. Lindsay Lohan won’t be allowed out for hard partying and boozing at trendy L.A. clubs.

2. She won’t be able to get caught on video doing illegal drugs in public bathrooms.

3. LiLo won’t have to deal with any more infamous nip-slips since the paparazzi won’t be around.

4. Lindsay won’t be able to browse jewelry shops.

5. LaLohan won’t be able to become paparazzi fodder or have embarrassing drunken photos surface.

6. Lindsay will not be able to grace the LA party scene with her playing DJ.

7. She won’t be able to cry in public, but she can totally cry in private. Thinking about her crying in public makes us want to cry sad tears for her… she’s got it rough these days. Poor Lindsay!

8. Lindsay won’t be able to get into any fender beders. You can’t drive drunk if you can’t drive from the couch.

9. Lindsay will not be able to make any more Oscar-contending movies while confined to her home.

10. Lindsay Lohan will not be able to blame this one on Regina George.

Good luck Lindsay!