Yelle On Bikinis, Leather, and Nudity at Coachella

Ah, summer music festivals. A time for great bands, road trips, overpriced food, sunburns, dehydration, parking melt-downs, and of course all the American Apparel you can shake a stick at.

Yelle is the reigning Queen of French electro-pop. After becoming a minor sensation through Myspace in 2005, Yelle established herself with her totally danceable first album, Pop Up. Now the sexy woman with the little girl voice is out with a new album, called Safari Disco Club, and she will be rocking Coachella on Saturday, April 16th.

You can download Safari Disco Club on ITUNES.

BUZZNET: What’s your ideal outfit for a guy to wear to a summer festival? What about a girl?

YELLE: At a summer festival I like to see boys and girls wearing just a swimsuit or an extra light dress as we see at Coachella, like if they were on the beach. If people could be naked it would be even funnier…mmh no maybe not! But I also like to see the opposite: people wearing heavy/big clothes, like rockers with leather clothes when it’s very hot!

BN: What’s the worst outfit you’ve ever seen at a festival?

YELLE: There is no worst outfit if you really embrace whatever you’re wearing! It’s just important to feel good and happy in your clothes!

Yelle in Jeremy Scott

BN: What’s the best outfit you’ve ever seen at a festival?

YELLE: I think it was Jeremy Scott’s at Coachella 2008, he was dressed like in Mad Max! I like when people have disguises at festival, it feels like being in a music video!

BN: Is it ok for men to wear flip-flops?YELLE: Yes if they have nice feet!

BN: Do you have any festival style tips for your fans?

YELLE: Just have fun! be cool in your clothes and take another tee-shirt with you because you will sweat at our show!!!

Watch Yelle’s video for “Safari Disco Club”