WHAT?! U.K. MTV’s Version of Jersey Shore is COMING SOON!

So thanks to the Hollywood Reporter I have some amazing news for all you Jersey Shore fans… MTV U.K. has created their very own version of Jersey Shore, it’s called Geordie Shore. Let me tell you this cast is amazing! Not to mention they look JUST LIKE our cast, they even have their own Snookie! The Geordie Shore airs May 24th 10pm in the U.K.

So here’s some of the things they say in this little promo: “I’ll never kiss anyone without a six-pack.” “I’m fit, I’m flirty and I’ve got double-Fs.” “My biggest fear is getting wrinkles.

After seeing this trailer and living in the U.S. I will defiantly find this online to watch. It looks like such a guilty pleaser. I mean, how can you resist a house full of morons?

Will you watch the Geordie Shore?

Who do think will be your favorite character in the Geordie Shore?