Top 10 Things On Buzznet This Week

Once again, Yasi and I find ourselves alone in the office. That means that Yasi is being Spinderella on the wheels of steel and we are listening to Jock Jams, Prince and Madonna. We are here in the post apocalytpic office world fending for ourselves like so:

If you haven’t guessed, everyone is off in the magical land of Coachella. That means that as this weekend rolls around, we will have lots of things for you to look thanks to those who have made their way to Indio’s polo fields. Stay tuned to Buzznet as we bring you all the bands, parties, and fashions from the fest that you are dying to see.

Let’s take a look back at what rocked our socks this week on Buzznet:

1. Patty welcomes you to Yo!Chella

2. Guna Campbell brings us Jessie J’s Style Interview

3. Olivia makes a Coachella joke (and a playlist)

4. Get the Look: Almost Famous

5. Buzznet talks to Simon Cowell

6. Clarissa tells us why she loves Buzznet

7. Stephanie finds fashion at the flea market

8. Hanna Beth & Cultist have a contest

9. The Photo of the Week is actually a drawing

10. Alphabet Assignment: Charmed, I’m sure

What was your favorite thing on Buzznet this week?

Thumbnail by: Helen