Top 10 Things On Buzznet

Spring is in the air on Buzznet! Not only is this evident on our photos page, but the world of fashion is alive with spring collections that are popping up like wild flowers.

As we get ready to trek into the desert to cover Coachella next week, you all keep churning out the cool stuff on Buzznet that inspires us and makes our place on the internet feel like one giant hug party.

1. Haley Williams Speaks Out About Cosmo Cover

2. A Week In Lego Land: The Making of Fergie’s Lego Dress

3. Jared Leto Channels His Inner Kurt Cobain

4. Candies, Bristol Palin, & Teen Pregnancy

5. Flashback Friday: ‘TGIF’ Theme Songs From The 90’s

6. Scruffy Chic

7. “B” Is For Believe Photo Assignment

8. Photo of the Week

9. Designer to Watch For: MariaLia

10. Hanna Beth Sits Down With The Sounds

What was your favorite thing on Buzznet this week?

Thumbnail by: Mister Maxwell

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