Top 10 Things On Buzznet

This week, Aviva is away in the Land of Nod, doing things I cannot write about because of the legal implications. That means that I will write the Top 10 Things On Buzznet and you will like it. Are you intrigued? You totally are. You are probably making this face as I lure you into the depths of our home on the net:

“Why yes, Rich, tell me more!”

1. Forever The Sickest Kids Has A Backyard BBQ

2. Rhianna Finds Cool Stuff on Buzznet

3. Movie of the Week: Insidious

4. Alex Gaskarth Gives Bree the Inside Scoop

5. Buzznet Designer to Watch: Rio Warner

6. The Buzznet Office Celebrates Moustache March

7. Photo Assignment: Angry Hour!

8. Yellowcard’s Ryan Key Doesn’t Like The Jersey Shore

9. 13 Ways to Spike & Stud Up Your Wardrobe

10. Photo of the Week: AllTimeNoelle

See y’all next time! What shook up your soda this week on Buzznet?

<3, r