Tarja & Jyrki 69 live at IDOLS

On April 24 Tarja and Jyrki 69 performed at IDOLS (MTV3) with the special version of “Underneath”, new Tarja’s single

Interview from backstage:

Thanks so much to my dear friend Ruby for the translation of the interview:

You did a duet together, was this the first time or have you done this before?Tarja: Never, this was the first time and it was a wonderful thing to do and it was for a good cause. It’s a beautiful song called “Underneath” from my album and the new duet version will be released as a single. – Jyrki: We’ve recorded this to support Unicef and it has been available for download online but today we’ll sing it live for the first time ever at the Idols Gives Back event. You are both succesful musicians. Tell me what do you admire about each other?Jyrki: She is one of the best female vocalists in the world and this duet is an incredible thing to me because it was a challenge and it was great to see how well our voices work together. We (The 69 Eyes) used to tour with Nightwish in South America and it was great to see how Tarja ruled football stadiums full of people. I respect her infinitely. – Tarja: I could say the same thing about Jyrki. I’ve always respected him, he has found his own style as a band leader and also working with Unicef. I respect his charity work because you can never do too much when it comes to charity. It’s amazing singing with a gentleman with a deep voice. – Jyrki: Tarja’s like a songbird with a very high tone and I’m kind of pulling her down with my bass tone. Tarja: Yeah but the contrast is amazing!