Ryan Gosling Goes Shirtless in ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ Trailer

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Drop what you are doing and spend a quick two minutes on the funny, sexy, and sinful trailer for Crazy, Stupid, Love. which hits theaters on the 29th of July. Why thank you Ryan Gosling for the timely birthday present this July! <3

Crazy, Stupid, Love. follows Steve Carrell who plays a father who’s life falls apart after he finds out his wife has cheated on him. He must now learn how to deal with his marriage and kids in the midst of meeting womanizer Jacob who takes him under his wing and tries to teach him his female wrangling ways. Jacob is of course played by my all time fave, a one Mr. Ryan Gosling, aka my future husband. Did you hear that ladies? He’s mine, you can’t have him, I called dibs 11 years ago when he was just a cute dancing nerd in Remember the Titans.

This dramedy’s cast recipe also includes a dash of Julianne Moore who plays Steve Carrell’s wife, a handful of that amazing red head Emma Stone who plays Gosling’s love interest, and it’s topped off with a little Bacon, Kevin Bacon that is!

Ryan Gosling with his shirt off?!?! Where do I sign up?! I cannot wait to see the below moments from the trailer which were instantaneously and conveniently made into GIFs the moment the trailer hit the internet today.

Check out the trailer RIGHT NOW YO!

Do you think Ryan’s abs look photoshopped? I personally already knew what was under that shirt… lol