Rich Goes to the Movies: Rammbock – Berlin Undead

It’s no where near Halloween but you know what? Germany waits for no one. It does what it wants. Germany is like the Honey Badger of the cinema world: It doesn’t give a _____. This works out for you and me because that means we get a zombie movie really close to Cinco de Mayo. Actually, this film has been out on the festival circuit and what have you but hey, we here in the states are late to the party.

The title of my article is a little misleading. I didn’t actually “go to the movies.” Rather, I got to watch the movie online via some reallly secret site from the comfort of my own home. If I can watch a movie and have a burrito while in my own bed, I am all for it.

Movie time: Let’s discuss. Oh it’s in German but that’s ok because Deutsch ist meine muttersprache (jkjk).

Michael (oder Michi)

The film opens with our main character, Michael, practicing a speech that he will recite to his recently lost love, Gabi, on his friend. Turns out that Michael came from Austria to reconcile his relationship with Gabi who now lives in Berlin.

This movie isn’t even playing around. We see our first zombie pretty quickly:

No, that isn’t Curly from the Three Stooges. Not at all.

I don’t want to get into the details of this movie so I am just going to tell you about some of the things that I like about this movie.

  • Our protagonist is kind of just “there.” I mean, Michael isn’t this bro dude that’s all, “Let’s bash in some zombie skulls” or anything. He just happens to be in Berlin to win back his lady friend when a zombie plague breaks out.
  • As the zombies attack, the spaces where the characters have left to hide and avoid being lunch become smaller and smaller. This is done rather well.
  • There isn’t a lot of gore. I’m not saying it isn’t there, it’s just that there isn’t tons of it. Gore for me is strange. I mean, I can look at it and it’s awesome but it’s kind of like pickles in a sandwich: sure they look nice and they’re good but you don’t really need them. Did I just compare gore to pickles? Yes. Yes I did.
  • The way the zombies are held at bay is pretty inventive. Why this happens, I am unsure but it’s kind of funny and WTF-ish.
  • The end scene was very new to me. YOU ARE NOT PREPARED and I MEAN SRSLY, YOU AREN’T. Oh and it’s set to Mozart’s Requiem Mass in D Minor which is probably one of my favorite pieces of classical music times a bunch.

The only thing I found strange about this movie is that it is only about an hour long. That’s ok, though, because I almost feel like there is room for this story to continue (let’s pray that America doesn’t try to “remake” this and RUIN IT like everything else).

I had a pretty good time wondering what would happen next and the movie ends leaving you wanting more. It’s a great introduction to something that I can’t wait and hope to see.

Also, this scene actually happens:

What? Wild Berlin nights, am I right?

Do you all like zombie movies? Would you be willing to see Rammbock: Berlin Undead?