Question of the Day: What Would Your Perfect Breakfast Be?

I don’t think we’ve done a QOTD about brekkie yet. If we have, whatever. It’s not like we’ve done things multiple times because I am not so smart in the head and constantly forget what we’ve done before. Anymeows, let’s talk about breakfast.

Photo by: BizarreLand

I am currently filling my tummy with the stuff orphan children have recurring nightmares of. My breakfast today (and on most days) consists of the saddest oatmeal ever in a bowl that was probably manufactured by indentured servants in China. The spoon I use is a wooden spoon. Every shovel of oatmeal into my mouth makes me feel like I am eating my own death.

In a perfect world, I would be eating a purrito. I love burritos. If they are filled with breakfast like stuffs, that’s way more awesome. This burrito of legend would be filled with crispy hash browns, some beans, salsa, and pretend bacon. Oh and it would MASSIVE because I would never want it to end.

What would your perfect breakfast be?