Question of the Day: Who Would Your Celeb Prom King Be?

In honor of the upcoming film release for Disney’s Prom, we thought it would be fun to ask you all about your choice for prom king.

The rules are fairly simple. All you have to do is tell us who you would want to have as your prom king. If you can show us a picture or a gif of them, knock yourself out.

I asked around the office and mostly this is what we all came up with:

Bree would vote for Matthew Gray Gubler as prom king TWICE.

Elise, Queen of Contests, would spike the punch of Brandon Flowers WITH KISSES.

Patty of Pop Culture-dom wants to dance with her prom king choice, Jason Segel, 4EVR.

Aviva wants to be the reflection of James Franco.

Yasi & I have decided that we shall mud wrestle each other at dawn for the hand of Henry Rollins. I fight dirty so she had better bring her A game.

Now it’s your turn. GO!

Who would your prom king be?