Punchline Drummer Beaten Bloody by Members of Crappy Band

I guess when you are in a band as bad as Brokencyde, you have a lot of issues. Mostly dealing with how badly your band sucks. So, I guess you need to take your aggression out on something.

But apparently, those bad-haired douches decided to take it out on Cory Muro, the drummer from Punchline.

Following a show in Pittsburgh (basically in my backyard), the members of Brokencyde did THIS to Cory:

Brokencyde has taken to Twitter to comment on the situation:

“We didn’t jump anyone! Ur boy started popping off and got what happens! REALLY OVER MUSIC? grow up. A guy was talking shit for awhile and then he said it to the wrong guy and got socked up n the other guy that got into it got served as well! And all OVER MUSIC?! people need to grow up. People talk crap to us and don’t realize it won’t fly… Have common sense and don’t hate on 10 people standing pissed off in front of you. We don’t hate on anyone or any band doing their thing… Fighting over music is defeating the point of what were trying to accomplish. Literally 2 people were fighting and the rest of our crew was holding them back. The guy was talking a mass of shit before anything happened.”

So…if I’m reading this correctly (and I might not be, since it’s kind of nonsensical and possibly partially written in a strange dead language that has no relation to English…), Cory made some comments the members of BC-13 didn’t like, so they beat him up…and then claimed that he started it and was being immature.

Okay, even if he WAS saying stuff that Brokencyde didn’t like, how does that excuse BEATING THE HELL out of someone and bragging about it?!

Look, I asked a few weeks back exactly WHAT WAS UP WITH THE VIOLENCE and I’ll ask it again. Someone saying they don’t like your band, no matter what language they use, how loudly they say it or how often they say it, does NOT mean it’s okay to violently attack them. That is when you do the adult thing: YOU WALK THE HELL AWAY AND IGNORE IT.

But apparently, violence is soooooo chic these days. Gross.