Photo Diary: Playful Night At The Playhouse

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Last night I went to The Playhouse in LA for the Raw Artist Showcase event. My dear friend Laura Brown of Pretty Star Clothing was showing her latest collection. So I went to go support her, along with a few of my friends! It was such a fun night!

These where my three fav looks from the night, Laura is such an amazing designer!

The event was hosted by Vixen and Kynt of The Amazing Race fame, here they are giving thanks to the makeup artist who worked on the fashion show. I thought this was very cool because the behind the scenes do often get left out, and without them-events like this would be nothing!

I stole a photo with Vixen, last time we met we both had pink hair! Who’s your favorite team on The Amazing Race this season?

After showing off her new collection, the girl of the hour, Laura, was allowed to dance and play with her buddies who came out to support her.

My girl Looooo wore a short rocker chick wig, I love it! Maria of Locketship Jewelry, always looks fab in her vintage inspired outfits. I was so happy to spend much needed girl time with them. Did I mention the three of us joined forces to create some amazing images for Locketship’s new jewelry line? STAY TUNED!

Lovely as always, my friend Le Bebe Cupcake and Rio of Beauty Is Pain also came out to support Pretty Star Clothing! Have you seen the outfit Rio worked on for Fergie at the Kids Choice Awards yet? It’s awesome!

Look who else showed up-Jessi Jae Joplin! I didn’t know she was so close with Laura, and it was so nice meeting her, I love her posts here on Buzznet. We may be doing something musical together later on this month….STAY TUNED!

Shrinkle from Sugarpill Cosmetics and Yume came out to support Laura, as well Kerli, who was performing right after Laura’s show. You should get to know Sugarpill Cosmetics…Why? STAY TUNED, BUZZNET!

Speaking of Kerli, I had the pleasure of seeing Kerli after her performance! She’s so talented, but most of all, she’s a sweetheart and a really great person! Did I mention Kerli said she has the same jacket as me? Twins! Check out photos from Kerli’s show at The Playhouse!

There was also a small photobooth area, my friends and I always never fail to miss a chance to take some photos!

Funny photos are always better than serious or sexy shots!

Ending this post with an Awkward Family Moments pose. We are an awkward family, indeed.

Photography by Ben Miller Photography