The Olsen Twins Team Up with One of the Founders of Myspace for New Fashion Site

It’s safe to assume that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen never got to experience the seedy den of hipster-dating and stylized-hair that was Myspace in its heyday, because they were already rich and famous at the age of 4 and were pre-teen gazillionaires when we were all taking photos of ourself in the mirror for new profile pics. However that hasn’t stopped them from tapping one of Myspace’s original founders, Josh Berman (yes there were other people involved besides the man that coyly peered over his shoulder at you all those years) to help launch their new site, According to The Cut, it’s a personalized shopping website, which basically just means it’s an online store with strong suggestions. However, if you go to the link, this is what you see:

Would you take shopping advice from the Olsen twins? Would you buy their exclusive t-shirts? Would you jump off a cliff if they promised you a dress from The Row?