Observing Stars and Little Shiny Thing

I went to the Griffith Observatory this weekend with my friend Roxy to observe the stars, unfortunately none of them were famous… Neither of us have been there since we were little and it was pretty fun to go back a relive childhood memories, well kind of. As you can tell by our outfits it was freezing and rained a little, but it was all worth it in the end because we got some chill pictures and had a good time.

What I’m wearing: Black Jeans – 7 for all Mankind, Tee – Insight, Sweater – Alternative Apparel, Leather Jacket – D&G

After looking at stars we were lead down a long hallway filled with shiny little nick-nacks, mostly consisting of diamonds and broaches. This was probably the last ting either of us thought we would encounter at an observatory but I have to admit that we were pretty enchanted by the shinny. Love the shiny…

After the shinny things we ended up meeting the genius himself, Albert Einstein! He was such a character, he first told me to pull his finger to see a chemical reaction… Then he farted, who knew he was such a funny guy?! After the smell cleared he examined and explained the scientific blah blah about weed, and as you could see Rox was totally bored.

Have you ever been to the Griffith Observatory? Or any observatory?