Need to a long sleep

I think today is one of the longest days of my life. This morning I go to the university for my history of art exam, at 10am all the registered were there but then we knew teacher started the exam only at midday and so the stress was starting to grow up because everyone of us planned circa when were own turn of exam and when circa everyone could to finish. Well, second year’s students started as first and of twelve, two decided to don’t do the exam and seven of them have been flunk, all the people of the first year, me included, were really scared about the results of the others, then I couldn’t wait still time, I was really exausthed and at 4pm finally i did my exam and in the end has been good: 25/30, i’m proud about it and my only wish was to go at home as soon as possible, I could to resist a hour more, my brain was blowing up. So doesn’t matter if it’s not a 30/30 or a 28/30, because my main thought always is: the most important thing is that the mark is positive, otherwise I should to do the exam again, and it’s not in my intention, so a 25/30 is ok!

And now I’m really happy to haven’t exams until June 1st, so I could to dedicate a little bit of time to myself and of course, I’ll continue to study for my next exams but I could have more quiet.

For to celebrate my great mark, I decided to go at the cinema, tonight, to watch SCREAM 4 with my two classmates Leo and Daniele. I think it will be a great movie, and I’m so curious about this 4th chapter. Anyone else have seen it?

I wish you a great week guys

Love ya