My Nirvana Playlist

Many moons ago, in the summer of my youth, I woke up to find some rather sad news splayed everywhere that my teenage eyes were prone to looking. It was on this day, 5 April 1994, that the world found out that Kurt Cobain had taken his life.

Everyone knew that Kurt had bouts with depression and drugs for much of his life. It was common tabloid fodder. It seemed, well at least to my tiny brain, that Kurt was on the up and up in the days before his death.

I was really into In Utero at that time. It was in the stolen Walkman cassette tape player that was everywhere I went constantly. That album is probably my favorite Nirvana album next to Bleach.

I don’t think we need a history lesson as to who Kurt was and what Nirvana meant to music (and horrible fashion), that’s what Wiki is for. I just want to share with you some videos of songs by Nirvana that make me feel like I’m not dead inside. The music Kurt made with Dave and Krist will always be here. Hopefully it will serve as a reminder to us that nothing is forever and that the time we have with those we love is what matters the most.

Love Buzz – Bleach

I didn’t even know what I was listening to when I first heard this. I died. It’s so good. (The original is by “Shocking Blue” but this version is way better, k?)

Negative Creep – Bleach

Kind of my anthem back then. You know, cuz no one understood me OMG THEY STILL DON’T 🙁

Lithium – Nevermind

UGH this song is SO PERFECT I CAN’T EVEN. The intro and then OMG DISTORSHUN & GUITARS AND YEAHHH. Pretty much this song is about my life.

Territorial Pissing – Nevermind

Smash shit. Find a way. A better way. This song is so fucking things up forever. SO GOOD.

Radio Friendly Unit Shifter – In Utero

UGH WHY DID THIS SONG HAVE TO END? It is why I love feedback.

Man Who Sold the World – Unplugged

This is a cover but HOLY SHIT IT’S AMAZEBALLS. And that part, where that thing happens and ITS PERFECT.

Anyway, these are my favorite Nirvana songs. I could obviously go on but I won’t because I’m having all the sad in my body and I want you to post your favorite Nirvana songs.

RIP Kurt :/

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