The musical walk of Tokio Hotel (PART 10)

SCREAM – New language, same emotions!

This album was released on June 1st2007 in Italy, anticipated from the smash hit “Monsoon”. This album is a sort of Greatest Hits of their first albums but in English. The band desired to be known also over their country, especially in Italy, where they had since the beginning a huge success, winning also the digital prize at Festivalbar 2007. And it’s been also a tentative for to be known also across the ocean, in USA, the band had a lot of promotions there and performed in little club for their American fans and also at Bamboozle in May 2008 (pic below), the first performance of the band after Bill’s surgery.

In some countries, the album took the name of Room 483 (translation of Zimmer 483) and in America and Canada it’s been released also an EP, called SCREAM AMERICA with two tracks: Scream and a remix of Ready, Set, Go!

If people thinks they betrayed their mother tongue, they are committing a mistake, because Tokio Hotel before to firmed a contract with Universal, they played in clubs with the name of Devilish and their songs were also in English. By the way, fans divide: a part prefers German songs, the other one the English one, a thing is sure: the power of Tokio Hotel is indisputable and they continue to give emotions to all their fans.


(click to the title for watch the official video or a performance live of the song)

Scream (Schrei)

Ready, Set, Go! (Übers Ende Der Welt)

Monsoon (Durch den Monsun)

Love is Dead (Totgeliebt)

Don’t Jump (Spring Nicht)

On the edge (Stich ins glück)

Sacred (Heilig)

Break Away (Ich brech aus)

Rescue Me (Rette Mich)

Final Day (Der Letzte Tag)

Forgotten Children (Vergessene Kinder)

By your side (An deiner seite – Ich bin da)

In the Canadian version there are also the tracks: 1000 Oceans and Monsoon (live in Milan 2007), the American one has, over 1000 Oceans, also Live Every Second (Leb’ die Sekunde) and Durch den Monson.

There’s been also released another version of Scream with a bonus track: Instant Karma, John Lennon’s cover, sung during 50 Jahre BRAVO (German magazine). It’s been Yoko Ono to want Tokio Hotel for this song and the band rent it more rock with guitars and drums. Is it good for a young band like them, isn’t it?

Singles released in Europe (UK excluded):


Ready, Set, Go!

Don’t Jump

By your side

USA and Canada:

Scream and Ready, Set, Go!


Ready, Set, Go! EP

Some little curiosities from the singles:

Monsoon is the first single of Scream, and the first in English for the band. It’s been shot in South Africa in March 2007. With this song, Tokio Hotel won their first EMA like Best Inter Act and they perform during the evening with one of the most memorable performances in EMA’s history.

Ready, Set, Go!, second single in the rest of Europe, signed the UK debut for the band.

The end of Don’t Jump video has been censured in Italy: in the Italian version you don’t see Bill falls down the roof, the original version has been broadcast only one time, during TRL’s premiere.

By your side is included in Prom Night movie with Brittany Snow. The video version is the same of the German one, with a couple of different scenes.