I Missed My Buzziversary

This post is going to be full of horrible grammar and not formatted correctly either because it is a rant straight from my brane. I don’t even care because no. NO I TELLS YOU! There will also be some of my fave images from forever ago so BEAR W/MEH

My sign up date is 20 April 07. LoL, right? Anyway, that photo is the first thing I posted on Buzznet because OMG IM SO DIFFS AND ARTSY AND NO ONE GETS ME. Mark (PanasonicJuice) was all like HEY DUDE YOU SHOULD GET A BUZZNET and then I totally DAZZLED him & we became BFFS and he needed mods and stuff because he was tired of deleting photos of Gerard Way and Davey Havok and Pete Wentz schlong.

LoLcats – My One True Love 4EVR.. Don’t even care if they are not cool anymore.. Endless lolz till the last server goes out.

All I will say is this:

Thanks for the 4 years of party times and gifs and OMG GORE SPAM (that was my first ever crazy mod weekend where I kind of didn’t sleep) AND TILATEQUILASHOTSPOT (EWWEWWEWW) and stuff. Thanks everyone that is awesome to meh and there are no words to really thank you all for the awesome chance you all have given me to be a great big gay on the internet and if I could, I would probably hug you all and you all are my preshuz bb’s I CANT EVEN :: TEARY EYES ::


SO yeah. THX. You don’t even know. You all are the best people ever because we actually talk and you share everything with everyone here. You are all speshul snoeflakes on the internet of my heart. You are a permanent cookie in my cache history and I will always accept you, for always.

That is all. Buzz in peace. El Rich