Get The Look: Morticia’s Sister

photo: jon mayhem

hat: virgo, coat: grandmothers, sunnies: burberry, stripped shirt: vintage, bag: lazy bones vintage, dress: topshop

Sometimes big floppy hats seem like the perfect addition to an outfit.. until I leave the house and its blocking my view at all times. I need to find a happy medium for the size of my hats. Normally Im more of a bright kinda girl but some days its refreshing to do a grey scale color scheme and blend in. All I need now is a marathon of the Munsters and and some black lipstick.

I have been really busy with life and work recently. When things get like that sometimes I feel like im in a bubble and forget there is a huge world out there waiting for me. I tend to lose who I am for just a moment and forget what I have accomplished. Im not the girl getting drunk at a different bar everynight, I wouldn’t have time for that lifestyle even if I wannted it. I may not have the same social life as a lot of kids who live in Los Angeles, but I do have something to show for myself and at the end of the day thats what really matters. I can’t let myself forget that.

Don’t lose who you are and always surround yourself with people who appreciate, respect and support you, or else you a sinking ship waiting to happen at there expense!