Get The Look: Almost Famous

hat: zara, dress: made by me, jacket: my moms, shoes: irregular choice, sunnies: tokyolux summer, necklace: vintage

I took this outside of my friend’s record shop. There is nothing that a floppy hat and sunglasses can’t cure. I extended my trip back east for a few more days before returining back to Los Angeles, when I told my boyfriend he just rolled his eyes. I guess I pull these kinda stunts more frequently than I seem to notice. Yesterday I had such an enlightening experience. I got my charts read by an astrologer and everything in my life matches up perfect with my planets, even my father’s death. So strange really how it works. The good news is everything from here on out looks bright and sunny especially my career, more so than ever! Looking forward to some much needed drastic changes in the near future. Being bi-coastal is one of them.

I’m exploding on ideas for my new lines while i’m waiting to wrap everything up for the summer collection of Tokyolux. I hate waiting, I want to see the finished samples now! I feel like Veruca from Charlotte And The Chocolate Factory while saying that.

A sense of timing is the mark of genius.