Lily Allen’s Debut Collection – Lucy In Disguise

Last year, with her sister Sarah Owen, Lily Allen opened a vintage boutique called Lucy In Disguise. Now, Allen and Nadia Jones (creative director of popular high street store Oasis) are taking their vintage vision one step further, with a capsule collection of ready-to-wear piece inspired by their favourite decades. Launching in June, each item will be named after significant people and places – such as Capone, a Thirties-inspired black sequinned dress, and Fortnums, a Forties-style tea dress. See some sketched of the key pieces from the collection below. It will initally be stocked in Harvey Nichols and will then branch out to 70 other stores internationally, as well as being stocked at the Lucy In Disguise store and on I’m in love with Lily Allen’s quirky sense of style and I seriously can’t wait.