Kirstie Alley Takes a Tumble On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

This season’s Dancing With the Stars contestant Kirstie Alley and her professional dancer partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy didn’t quite give their best performance on last night’s show. Unfortunately the duo suffered a pretty embarrassing fall – the first fall in Dancing With the Stars history! And while the fall didn’t look too painful at first (Kirstie was lifted partway and then dropped), it apparently ended up hurting Maksim pretty badly. Ouch!

While performing a tribute to her late parents for ‘Story Week,’ 60-year-old Kirstie was dropped by Maksim after his thigh gave out to her weight in a muscle spasm. The couple stayed on the floor for about five seconds at the start of the routine before picking themselves up and continuing their dance.

The fall 🙁

“My thigh just gave out – I’m so sorry,” Maksim said after the dance was over. He insisted the fault had nothing to do with Alley: “Any dancer knows, it has to do with muscle strain,” he said. “It had nothing to do with her.”

Awww, what a sweet guy – taking the heat instead of putting his partner on blast. Cute!

Check out their tumble here:

Are you rooting for Kirstie and Maksim? What do you think of them on Dancing With the Stars?