Kim Kardashian Teams Up With Lady Gaga For Kim’s New Single

With one single under her belt (remember her song “Jam (Turn It Up)”?), Kim Kardashian is determined to have an even bigger single the next time around. The media mogul is pulling out all the stops for her next single, enlisting none other than Lady Gaga as her collaborator!

Kim + Gaga = Beautiful Music?

How did THAT happen? Earlier this week, Kim attended Lady Gaga’s concert in L.A. where the two met and chatted about business. Sources say that Gaga offered to collaborate on Kim’s next single.

“Kim has always wanted to work with Lady Gaga – that would be a dream come true,” a friend of Kim’s said. “And apparently the feeling is mutual. Gaga told Kim she had some ideas for a song for her.”

Sounds like something’s a brewin’! If it’s anything like “Born This Way” or Gaga’s other hits, Kim’s next single will be SMOKIN’!

What do you think of Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga working together?