If I Were to Cast ‘Looking for Alaska’

I love this book, and John Green is one of my all-time favorite authors. Paramount Pictures is slated to release a movie of Looking for Alaska in 2013, but no additional information has surfaced. Here’s who I would cast if I had my druthers:

Miles Halter: Though I would like someone lesser known to play Miles, I think Jesse Eisenberg would be really good. And not just because he often plays slightly awkward, witty intellectuals.

Or possibly John Francis Daley. Gaaaah Freaks and Geeks!

or Paul Dano

They really don’t look like 16 year olds though.

Alaska Young:

Kat Dennings!

Chip “The Colonel”:

Dan Byrd.


John Cho. Yes, I am aware that he is not Japanese like Takumi is.


Mia Wasikowska

She’d have to pull of Lara’s accent, though.

Who would you cast in Looking for Alaska?