Happy Birthday Simòne!

Today is the bday of one of the greatest women on Earth. I’m talking about Simòne Kaulitz Trümper, Bill & Tom’s mum.

She’s a very strong woman and I’m really proud of her because she have been able to grow up two boys all alone, without a husband near to her because they broke up when Bill & Tom were 6 and in that period money weren’t a lot and she sewn clothes for her sons and try to give to them everything she could. And she always left free Bill & Tom to do their choices and she’s been always beside them.

Luckily she met Gordon Trümper a couple of time after her divorce, and he always treated Bill & Tom as his sons, or as he said: “I’ve always treat them as two younger brothers of mine!”. I’m really pround Simòne have found a special man as Gordon and on August 1st, 2009 they get married in Rögen.

Her wedding

Simòne on the left and her mother (Bill&Tom’s granma) on the right during Star Search 2003 where Bill took part

With Gordon, Bill & Tom @ EMA’s 2009 Afterparty

July 2010, Prince’s concert in Berlin

I think she’s such an amazing person and a model mother for everyone, and I think Bill is damn similar to her more than Tom.

Happy birthday! I wish all the best!!