Happy Birthday Gerard Way!

34 years ago today, one of the most controversial, idolized, talked about, f*cking amazing, creative men of the 21st century was born. His band, My Chemical Romance, have received awards such as “Best Band on the Planet”, “Best Single”, “Best Album” and “Best Video” awards in the years they’ve been going. He himself has won an Eisner Award for his comic series ‘The Umbrella Academy’ (which is also very awesome). Yeah, we’ll all agree that sometimes he comes out with some pretty wild and dead controversial stuff. People fall out over him, get into arguments over him. It’s crazy. So if you haven’t guessed who I’m on about yet (which let’s face it, if you haven’t, where the hell have you been?!) it’s Gerard Way’s birthday today!BAM!


Happy Birthday Gerard! Your fans love you!